Matt Sharkey

Wealth Management Advisor
(720) 724-2170

Matt really enjoys working alongside clients in a wide variety of financial scenarios. Whether it be a growing family hoping to thrive, someone ready for that next chapter in life wanting to make sure they have stability with what they have worked hard to earn, or a business owner looking to maximize employee retention as they continue to increase the bottom line. CĒDRUS operates in a family driven environment, and the journey to his current role is largely due to a strong foundation of financial knowledge within his own family. It was at a very early age that Matt was shown how important an awareness was of the way money grows rather consistently over time when allocated correctly. He also had the opportunity to work in real estate for several years. This experience allowed him to assist clients in feeling confident that their largest purchase decisions are properly integrated into their overall financial picture to maximize their goals. While originally from Wisconsin, Matt currently resides in Littleton, CO with his beautiful wife Megan, son Max and daughter Milly, and furry children Finn and Lola. When not assisting clients, he enjoys spending time with family, taking their dog Finn for a run, making music, and the endless pursuit of trying to be a halfway decent golfer.