CĒDRUS works with your family to help integrate and manage purposes, passions, and goals with family wealth. Our services begin with wealth protection first and foremost. Our goal is for clients to achieve success and contentment, so they can lead extraordinary lives and focus on an enduring legacy. Working with you to establish an ongoing process, we create a customized Family Business Plan.



1. Vision Statement

Affluent families have learned that one of the keys to success is a shared vision, which drives goals and helps establish strategies. CĒDRUS uses a process that helps to articulate family goals, values, and historical significance. These findings are then carefully crafted into a family vision statement that can be consistently revisited and fine-tuned each year as a family grows and transforms. It is only by this family vision that a viable and effective family business plan can be built.

2. Communication

As a next step, we help family leaders communicate this vision to others in the family as well as to other professional advisors. This important step is often overlooked, but we make it easier by setting up family meetings where everyone can freely discuss the vision and shared values. We bring our experience with other affluent families to bear as we help our clients find the most effective, engaging, and fun ways to communicate values and vision.

3. Basic Components of Analysis

Because life’s changes can have a ripple effect, we encourage clients to keep in constant touch with all aspects of their wealth. We conduct an initial, comprehensive analysis of our clients’ wealth, and then coordinate regular reviews to help clients understand how even minor changes can impact their assets. This is a fundamental component of the family business plan.

4. Strategic Plan

A family business plan is a dynamic document that is shaped by an annual review. Through guided analysis, CĒDRUS' process helps families establish appropriate strategies that bring their business plan to life. We also integrate accountability and measurable objectives to help ensure the plan becomes a transparent operating tool for CĒDRUS and other professional advisors.  The end result is a strategic plan with the means for measuring your success and is a critical step in helping families achieve their personal financial contentment.


CĒDRUS' services are thoughtfully designed to ensure your family attains the level of confidence, clarity, and transparency needed to be free from the stresses inherent with wealth.  Our approach teaches your family how to manage financial concerns and the accompanying emotions, and in turn, how to gain financial contentment. You will learn how to use our tools in a simple and creative way to transform your family’s approach to wealth.  As your contentment level grows, we will challenge everyone in your family to search for their individual significance under the umbrella of the shared family vision.

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