The Cedars of Lebanon or Cedrus Trees are the cornerstone of our business philosophy.


1. The Cedrus Tree is one of the oldest trees in the world. In biblical times, the cedar tree represented sage wisdom, and it was used in the foundation of many of the world’s greatest architectural feats. We here at Cedrus embody this by continuously striving to stay rooted in wisdom found in experience. 

2. The Cedrus tree was used as protection from the harsh environment by early wandering tribes. We at Cedrus will provide that protection for our clients' wealth. Through our innovative and comprehensive wealth strategies, we strive to shelter not only our clients' assets from the harsh environment of the world we live in, but we also shelter their families.

3. The Cedrus Tree was known to grow in extreme conditions. Because of the extreme climate our country has found itself in, people are looking for the truth. At Cedrus, we are adamant about transparency and truth. Our clients are a part of all financial decisions through thorough communication.

4. Many early biblical villages were built around The Cedrus Tree. Our clients receive a full team of experienced advisors, instead of just one financial advisor. All Wealth Strategies are discussed by various Cedrus team members. This allows for accountability and utilizes the knowledge and experience of all Cedrus Team members in order to create the best strategy for our clients to achieve their financial goals.