Andrew "Parker" Cormack

Business Development

Parker serves on the Business Development team with CĒDRUS, aiming to foster impactful relationships and implement purposeful personal and business financial strategies. Parker graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and won a national championship as a baseball player in his time there. He worked as a project manager in the midstream and renewable natural gas sectors and is passionate about applying the same planning and critical thinking skills in his work with clients. Parker is devoted to helping clients build and enhance a secure financial future that is aligned with each client's unique goals and ambitions. Parker lives in Arvada, CO with his dog, Murphy, and is just a short drive from his parents and siblings. He enjoys being outdoors skiing, golfing, and fishing, is a car enthusiast, and loves spending time with his family. 

Andrew Cormack does not provide securities or investment advisory products or services.