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Cedrus Family,

For many years, you have heard me preach about the cash on the sidelines after the horrendous 2008 disaster. You may have heard me talk about the billions and billions of dollars that Apple has been hoarding in their bank accounts in relation to this. Their motives are unknown, but the consequences of the possible money movement are not. The influx of cash into the American economy has almost always been a direct correlation to rising stock markets. This is the moment we have been waiting for. In the article found here we can clearly see that Apple is starting to move their money. By pushing 11 billion dollars into major economic centers around the country, Apple is reconfirming its commitment to the U.S. economy. This is great news for the markets as we know all know that cash is king. This is just one company. There was major news in past months regarding Amazon also building a second headquarters. If these mega-companies continue to get in the game, I feel that it bodes well for all market sectors. The money is starting to come into the economy. Stay content and stay in the game. Don’t quit.